18 Landing Page Optimization Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Every single page of your web site could be possibly considered a landing page for a specific keyword as depending on how effective your search optimization strategy is. With well optimized website you can link your visitors to almost any page.

 Why Landing Page Optimization is so Important

Landing Page Optimization Tips

When talking about landing page optimization, we have to say that well designed and optimized landing pages help you to build confidence and trust among your visitors as well as increase your conversion rates which leads to maximizing your campaign Return on Investment (ROI).

Landing page optimization also helps to improve your site’s usability and by eliminating distractions and providing clear “Call to Action“ enhance your visitor’s experience.

Landing page optimization


18 Steps for Great Landing Page Optimization

  1. Know and understand to your audience
  2. Create and present clear, simple, and effective value proposition to your visitors
  3. Post relevant content and make it actionable
  4. Inspire
  5. Give your web visitors a challenge
  6. Deliver clear and consistent message to your audience
  7. Provide transparent and effective “Call to Action“
  8. Images, video and text – keep it balanced
  9. Create a user friendly and attractive web layout
  10. Use emotional triggers when writing a content for your website
  11. Remove distractions from your landing page
  12. Don’t ask for too much information in an email or newsletter Sign-Up box
  13. Earn and build visitor trust
  14. Respect your visitor’s privacy
  15. Use testimonials
  16. Keep your content simple and easy to read
  17. Test your landing page components
  18. Test your page loading speed and ensure fast loading time
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